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Anglia Road Training are an approved training body authorised by the Driving  and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) for the delivery of learner motorcycle training. We are not only dedicated to helping you complete your CBT and gaining your full licence, we also help experienced riders to improve their skills. All of our instructors are fully qualified, experienced, patient and dedicated to getting the best from our students and at the same time making the whole experience fun and enjoyable.

Full Licence Courses

DAS ONLY £99 Per Lesson - Learn at your rate!

The Direct Access Scheme (DAS) is designed for riders over 24 years old, (or aged 21-23 and have held an A2 medium bike licence for 2 years) who wish to ride bikes of unlimited size and power. Training maybe initially conducted on 125cc and progresses to 600cc bikes that are used for the practical test. Course lengths are determined by the individual’s level of skill and competence – novice riders will naturally require more training than experienced riders! We are happy to discuss your needs as a rider and offer the best training package to meet those needs.


Back to Biking

  • If you have been away from biking for a while and are feeling a 'little rusty' or have just 'upgraded' to a more powerful bike this popular course can give you the necessary confidence to start enjoying your riding again.
  • Only £99 for a days refresher training!
CBT From Only £85!

CBT is the first step on your motorcycling journey, often completed in 1 day.

The first part of the CBT is conducted on an off road manoeuvring area where you will ride the machine until competent. This part of the training incorporates all of the basic riding skills, i.e. use of the controls, moving away and stopping, slow riding, changing gear, turning left and right etc. You will then ride the machine on the road for at least two hours. During the road ride your instructor, who will be in radio contact, will accompany you, giving you both directions and tuition. The training will end when you are able to ride on the road, on your own, safely. After completing the CBT you will then be allowed to ride on the road with 'L' plates for up to two years. After this period you will then have to either re take your CBT or have passed your full motorcycle test in order to continue riding.

Book CBT using one of our 125cc geared bikes or 50cc 'peds from only £85!

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Beccles £99
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Have you already completed CBT but would like some extra training?
Why not book 4 hours with a friendly, qualified instructor?
Only £50 at Watton!